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Ms. Ingrid Garvie

Intern Osteopath

(5th Year Student)

Discount Rates Apply. Not Claimable on private health, medicare (EPC), WC, DVA, TAC)

  • Bachelor of Health Science (Osteopathy)

Following on from a successful bachelor’s degree, Ingrid is currently enrolled in a Master of Health Science (Osteopathy). As part of her final year, Ingrid is currently undertaking an internship at Hosford Health Clinic.

Ingrid knows first hand that everyone deals with pain differently. Her passion resides in her ability to listen, understand individual needs, and work together towards a successful outcome. She believes it's the non-hands-on skills that are the most important, and aims to personalise her treatment and management plans, while building a rapport with all her future patients. Ingrid will definitely encourage you to take an active role in your own management, and provide you with the tools to do so.

While keen to provide support to anyone struggling with injury, Ingrid has a special interest in sports medicine. As a child, Ingrid spent most of her formative years in the US, where she developed a love of sport through her involvement in cheerleading, dance and basketball.

On returning back to her birthplace in Australia, Ingrid wasn't sure what to try next until her mother (a qualified personal trainer) and father (an experienced tennis coach), encouraged her to join the local tennis club. Two years and lots of training later, she gained entry into the prestigious Box Hill Senior Secondary College Tennis Academy program. The program had her combining daily tennis development activities with academic classes, and further fuelled her passion for sport and sport related activities.

Having spent time with many athletes, Ingrid has seen the full range of sports injuries, and certainly has needed treatment herself for various reasons over the journey. Ironically, her first visit to an osteopath was to treat sometimes debilitating migraines, and it was only then that she joined the dots between her love of sport and the value Osteopathic practices bring to people suffering many ailments. Once again combining two passions, Ingrid sought to find ways to treat athletes via treatments she believed in, and a career in Osteopathy was born. In particular Ingrid was drawn to this unique profession which she understood as one that required a thorough understanding of the health system, empathetic communication skills and a desire to help others.

When Ingrid is not studying, you may find her in the gym, on the tennis court or even bouldering. She enjoys travelling and eating all kinds of foods, amusements parks, the beach and spending time with her loved ones.

Provider Numbers
Osteopathy 2286001Y (Practicing under Dr. Robin Hosford)