Dr. Nick Usui-Crook


ABN 12 123 123 123

  • BAppSc (Osteo)
  • Master of Osteopathy
  • Member of AHRPA

Dr. Nick Usui-Crook has a special interest in posture. He understands how poor posture can contribute to spinal conditions such as discs bulging, facet joint osteoarthritis, and ultimately cause nerve impingement such as sciatica and cervical radiculopathy.

Nick comprehensively understands that poor posture is multifactorial and is not as simple as telling someone to simply "stand up straight". For example, slouching often starts when we were at school and worsens as the years go on. Eventually, repeated bending and prolonged slouching can cause the spine to become stiff, weak and painful.

Realising that posture was an under-appreciated genesis of many spinal conditions, Nick acquired much knowledge by studying from world class experts, such as professors Philip Greenman and Fred Mitchell Jr from the United States, Dr. Isogai of Japan, as well as from several groundbreaking methods such as the Janda Approach, The McGill Method and the McKenzie Approach.

After many years of searching and learning, Nick created an approach that combines traditional Osteopathy with these modern rehabilitation exercises. His goal is to help back pain suffers understand and rehabilitate their own spine through posture.

  • Post Graduate Cert in Neuro-muscularskeletal Rehabilitation
  • Postural Expertise
Provider Numbers
Osteopathy 410803RL