Hosford Health Clinic

Welcome to one of Melbourne’s premier osteopathic medicine clinics. Since 1999 we have treated over 8,000 clients and continue to provide the highest standards in pain relief therapy.

Treatment is safe and gentle for children, the elderly and during pregnancy.

Back Pain & Sciatica

  • prolapsed discs
  • nerve injuries & referred pain
  • muscular pain
  • arthritis & chronic pain


  • headaches in the skull, face or neck
  • stiff neck & shoulder tension or pain
  • facial & skull muscle tension
  • jaw & eye strain

Shoulder, Knee, Hip, Foot, Elbow & Hand

  • rotator cuff, tennis elbow, bursitis
  • sprained joints, ligament & muscle tears
  • cartilage damage

All Sporting Injuries

  • latest muscle and joint rehabilitation techniques
  • all grades of tears or injury
  • elite or junior levels
  • rehab advice and second opinions

Post-Operative Rehabilitation

  • following joint, ligament and cartilage repairs
  • commonly for shoulder, ankle, knee and back
  • immediately post-operative to 6 months recovery

Work and Motor Vehicle Injuries

  • WorkCover, TAC & DVA rehabilitation

Pregnancy and Children

  • pregnancy related back & pelvic pain
  • post birth pain and tension treatment for mother
  • check-up for new borns and children
  • assess & monitor scoliosis

Other Conditions

  • pathologies related to musculo-skeletal pain
  • health and wellbeing advice
  • Card Facilities

    Instant Credit, Debit and Private Health Card payments. Claim your private health rebate "on the spot" and only pay the gap.

  • Reception

    We have online bookings and full-time reception to make appointments easy and convenient. We also provide reminder SMS and emails for appointments.

  • 3 Rolls of Towels

    We maintain a warm and friendly atmosphere. This includes flowers, freshly laundered gowns, and citrus infused drinking water.

  • Word of Mouth

    Early for your appointment? Just ask reception for a free coffee voucher to use at a nearby cafe.

  • Second Opinions

    Want a second opinion? Bring in your MRI, CT or X-Rays for a professional opinion.

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