Your First Visit

Why choose us?

Hosford Health Clinic is both well established over a decade and highly respected in the community. Our forward thinking practitioners are always looking for solutions, from acute pain to more troubling and complex health concerns. We are focused on providing a personally tailored service and pay attention to the details to make you confident in your care.

What to expect on my first visit?


Initial (40-60min) $98.10

We will ask you about your problem and use our detailed knowledge of anatomy, physiology, nutrition, sports injuries and medical conditions to form a diagnosis. We will examine your muscles and joints to find out the type and extent of damage. Treatment may include massage, stretching and gentle manipulation, as well as an explanation of your problem in plain language, and appropriate rehabilitation exercises and general advice. We may refer for X-rays or other tests to clarify the diagnosis and ensure safe treatment. More information and explanations are available on our FAQ page.

Follow-up (20-30min) $81.50

During a follow-up visit we find out how you are progressing, provide further examination, treatment and advice.

Short Consultation (10-15min) $59.50

A short consultation can be requested at the practitioner's approval. A short consultation is commonly used to provide advice or second opinions on any condition you are worried about. We can also re-evaluate your X-Ray, CT or MRI scans. This visit may also be used to demonstrate stretching or exercise techniques, or to provide a simple treatment.

Massage (1hr = $96.50, 30min = $63.00)

Our massage practitioners will provide the style of massage you request. Styles include deep tissue, remedial and relaxation. See the FAQ page for explanations of treatment styles.

Scheduling your first visit?

  1. Call us on 03 9752 6880 to organise a convenient time (Mon-Sat & After Hours)
  2. Arrive 10 minutes early to complete the NEW PATIENT FORM
  3. Or download and complete the NEW PATIENT FORM before you arrive
  4. Bring with you any relevant X-Ray, MRI or CT scans
  5. Bring your private health card
  6. Find out where to park on our Contact Page

What is the difference between an osteopath, chiropractor and physiotherapist?

Osteopaths rely mainly on hands-on techniques, such as massage, stretching, & manipulation - so typically you won't be just hooked up to a machine and left alone. You won't just be given exercises and you won't be in and out in five minutes.

Osteopathic treatment takes in all facets of a patients problem. As an example, many neck problems may be influenced by problems in the middle back - which will mean that both the neck and back will be assessed and treated.

5 years training in medical subjects, allows Osteopaths to accurately diagnose and treat a large range of conditions. All osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists are government registered primary health care practitioners. Ultimately, it comes down to the practitioner who does the best job for you.

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