Dr. Robin Hosford

Senior Osteopath

ABN 60 110 312 450

  • BSc (Clinical Sciences)
  • MHSc (Osteo)
  • Member of AHPRA

With 24 years experience, Dr. Robin Hosford has treated alongside many heath practitioners of varied occupations including GPs, obstetricians, fellow osteopaths and a multitude of allied health practitioners. With a broad comprehension of health care and lecturing experience, patients receive skilled and up-to-date advice and treatment.

Dr. Hosford is proficient with sports and performance based rehabilitation, and has consulted for Perform Enhance and Accident Analysis who provide biomechanical and forensic analysis of sports injuries and workplace accidents. Dr. Hosford is experienced with medico-legal reporting and has been called as an expert witness in court.

Dr. Hosford enjoys treating and helping people of all ages, across all professions and lifestyles. Dr. Hosford will happily help people manage their short-term injuries and takes pride in tackling those with more serious complaints or illness.

  • Senior Osteopath 24 years experience
  • Osteopathic Lecturer at Victoria University
  • Published research in Australian Osteopathic Medicine Review 1998
  • Osteopath for WPH (Paediatric Medical Clinic)
  • Consultant to Perform Enhance Pty Ltd (sport injury and performance company)
  • Medico-legal experience
Provider Numbers
Osteopathy 2286001Y