Our Treatment Process

We use a comprehensive process when managing patient injuries and illness. We provide evidence-based rehabilitation and treatment for private patients as well as WorkCover, TAC, DVA, and EPC/Medicare patients. We accept referrals from all medical practitioners and provide a service that ensures compatibility with concurrent medical management and treatment goals.



Full history related to physical complaint | Screen of relevant systemic and organ systems | Current medical management and medications | Red Flag screen



Joint & Motion testing | Palpation: superficial and deep | Biomechanical analysis of joint ranges and posture | Mapping of neurological deficits (eg dermatome, myotome)


Orthopaedic Tests

Joint and cartilage (eg McMurray, Appley) | Apprehension (eg dislocation tests) | Tendon reflex and skin sensation | Nerve stretch & compression (eg SLR) | Muscle strength (eg active resisted) | Impingement (eg Empty Can, quadrant) | Special tests (eg accessory joint movements)


Scans & Imaging

Referrals for and Reading of MRI, CT, X-Ray, and Ultrasound scans

Osteopath explainind diagnosis to patient Osteopath treating a patient with skeleton overlay osteopath treating patient hamstring stretch


Tissue based diagnosis identifying pathological process | Based on history, physical examination, orthopaedic tests and scans | Predisposing and maintaining factors identified


Manual Treatment

Comprehensive range of muscle soft-tissue techniques | Comprehensive range of joint articulation and mobilisation techniques | Localised to injury or complaint | Appropriate for age and medical condition of patient



Tailored exercises | Strapping and Taping | Gym, pilates, swim and home-based programs


Progress and Legal Reports

Based on standardised outcome measures (eg Oswestry) | Use of patient specific functional scales (PSFS) | Monitoring of orthopaedic joint and muscle ranges

Medico-Legal Reporting

Specialised medico-legal reports for 3rd party claims.

Referral Integrity Maintained

Written reports back to GP, maintaining referral integrity.

Evidence Based

Standardised outcome measures ensuring treatment progress.

Claiming Your Treatment

Private Health Insurance

  • Claim on-the-spot (with private health card)
  • Only pay the gap

GP Care Plans (CDMP/EPC)

  • Full fee charged
  • Claim on-the-spot (with Medicare card)
  • Rebate typically $52.95

WorkCover DVA TAC